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Savage Swangis, Boogey Men and A Bird on a Wire

Savage Swangis, Boogey Men, and “A Bird on a Wire”

It cut through the night like a knife with a vengeance and silence fell in two; the dogs woke, pricked up their ears, barely whined and curled up tighter, eyes searching...


Volunteering in Indonesia

Individuals from all over the world come to Indonesia for a variety of reasons. Some arrive for the purpose of exploration, some for the purpose of employment, and...

3 Runners at KDM

Run for Fun, Run for the Kids

Running to some frees the mind and to others is a painful chore best avoided. Running on a treadmill indoors however, can take the pleasure away from even the most...

A Beer for a Stray

I had the pleasure of drinking myself to a better conscience as animal lovers gathered together on Sunday 2nd of September to drink for a cause! A Beer for a Stray is a...

A Self-Help Model for Aid that Really Works: The East Bali Poverty Project (EBPP)

When writing about aid projects words like ‘uplifting’, ‘inspirational’ or ‘downright bloody fantastic’ rarely, if ever, enter the vocabulary of cynical...

Straight From The Heart

The Family at Lestari Sayang Anak Orphanage I think a lot of us, although we may not like to admit it, take things for granted, most importantly the love and support we...






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