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End Of The Road For City’s Rundown Metro Mini And Kopaja

Jakarta’s streets will soon be cleared of ageing Kopaja and Metro Mini buses under a plan to ban buses 10 years or older from the city. Land Transport Office Head...

Malacca Strait Turns North Sumatra Into ‘Golden Gate’ Of Transnational Drug Smuggling

The Malacca Strait has often been used for transnational drug crimes, prompting the call for greater monitoring by authorities.

Dogged Lies: Bali Official Denies Dog Meat Report

A recent Australian media investigation which reported Bali food vendors are serving unwitting tourists dog meat are just lies designed to smear the popular resort...

Inul Vizta karaoke

Inul Vizta Karaoke Raid Nets Naked Dancers In East Java

The manager of the Kediri, East Java, Inul Vizta karaoke is likely to face charges under the controversial pornography laws.

Social Media Giants Face Extinction Under Anti-Extremism Push

The government has tipped an outright ban on social media networks as part of a crackdown on radicalisation and communications among terrorists and criminals online. IT...

Aceh Canings To Be Conducted In Private

Public caning punishments in the North Sumatra province of Aceh, which practices Sharia law, has long been controversial courting international condemnation, now...

migrating birds

Migrating Birds Threaten Juanda Airport Flights

Migrating birds have flocked to Surabaya’s Juanda Airport causing concerns of the possibility of a major safety incident.

A Users Guide To New Transport Regulations, Tariffs

The Transport Ministry has introduced a slew of regulatory reforms aimed at evening out the public transport industry which has been shaken up by online app-based...

Fuel Price

Jonan: Prices Steady Amid Strong Supply

A predicted post-holiday fuel increase has been postponed until at least September with Energy Minister Ignasius Jonan spruiking strong fuel supplies.

Indonesia’s Accused Double Killer Shocks Singapore

An Indonesian woman employed as a domestic worker in Singapore is alleged to have murdered her two elderly employees before fleeing the country in a case that has...


Hoax Or Higher Power? Sulawesi’s ‘Miracle’ Baby

The small town of Karuen in Enrekang district, South Sulawesi, has been divided this week over the apparent miracle virgin birth of a child to a 19-year-old teenager....

capital city

Is Jakarta Set To Lose Capital City Title In 2018?

Rumours of plans to move Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to another city in Java or even another region have long swirled, but are the recent rumblings different?

Sileri Crater

Tourist Hotspot Crater Eruption Ends In Tragedy

While the eruption recorded no fatalities, the response proved disastrous with Search and Rescue Agency officers killed in a helicopter crash.


Indonesian Rice Prices Double Global Average

Despite being a major producer of rice, consumers in Indonesia pay over double on average for the food staple.






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