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The Intersection of the Knowledge Economy and Globalisation

In 1982 when Richard Buckminster Fuller created the “Knowledge Doubling Curve”, he noticed that until 1900, human knowledge only doubled approximately every 100...

The Voices of Young Photographers in Indonesia

Three young and influential Indonesian photographers discuss various outlooks on photography and how this particular medium shaped their lives. Reza Riwandi, Satrio...

Can Millennials Really Create Change?

Caranissa Djatmiko discusses why Millennials are more than just a group of smartphone zombies and how technology provides the necessary tools to help guide this...

Indonesian Start-up Modalku Wins UN Award

Indonesian fintech start-up Modalku has won the Global SME Excellence Award from ITU Telecom, a UN specialized agency for information and communication technologies....


Five Interesting Expats and Their Startups in Indonesia

After scouring the sea of startups at Balai Kartini earlier this month, here are five interesting techies in Indonesia, who also happen to be expats.

This Gadget Knows When You’re Breathing Harmful Air in Indonesia

Researchers from Harvard and Columbia universities estimated there were more than 90,000 early deaths this year in areas close to haze-producing fires in Riau and North...


Asia’s Biggest Tech Event Invades Jakarta

Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 invited international entrepreneurs and investors to Balai Kartini on November 16 and 17, followed by a night of drinks and networking.

Grabbing the Ground Transportation Market in Southeast Asia

Originally established in Malaysia in 2011 as MyTeksi, Grab is a Southeast Asia-focused transportation application founded by Harvard Business School graduates, Anthony...

Astagatech: Web Design with the X-Factor

Astagatech is a full service web design and development company priding itself on developing elegant, user-friendly and mobile-responsive websites, on time and on...

Henry Lucman, Director of Dr. Gadget

In this issue of Indonesia Expat, we took interest in the technology sector and conversed with Henry Lucman, director and co-owner of a startup technology reparation...


Path vs. Facebook: How Indonesia’s Present is the World’s Social Media Future

Closed networks. A limit on friends. Strong privacy settings. It’s Path, of course. The social network, launched in 2010, received scant attention from users in...

Bali’s Doomed Love Affair with Plastic

When I began to research this article, I saw the immense problem that is literally choking the life out of the island; waste. Each and every one of us produces it and...






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