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Lombok Motocross Championship

Motocross Circuit Aims to Boost Lombok Tourism

In order to bolster tourism interest on Lombok, PT Angkasa Pura I will soon develop an international standard motocross circuit in the airport area.


Jakarta’s Pollution May Lead To Low Quality Sperm

Pollution in Jakarta makes the air ‘unhealthy’. Some expert believe it will have an effect on men’s health, potentially leading to low quality sperm.

Football Foreign Players without KITAS

Foreign Football Players Participate in Liga 1 Match without KITAS

Sports officials are outraged due to a violation by PT Liga Indonesia Baru, which allowed foreign players to participate in Liga 1 without KITAS permits.


Five Places to Look for Pencak Silat in Indonesia

Pencak silat teachers don’t usually market themselves. With this in mind, here are a few rough leads that tenacious expats may consider in Indonesia.


Can Indonesian Football Fans Boost this UK City’s Economy?

British football is a phenomenon in Indonesia as millions of people across the archipelago have built fan clubs to demonstrate their love for the sport. UK Ambassador to...

Webtorial - Sensory Integration Disorder

Sensory Integration Disorder: A Misunderstood Form of ADD/ADHD in Children

5-15% of schooling children have difficulties in their sensory regulation to their environment. This means that some children may have more difficulties than others in...


No Target Set for Indonesian Team in the 2017 SEA Games

According to the Youth and Sports Affairs Minister Imam Nahrawi, Indonesian athletes will begin intense training this January 2017 but not in preparation for the SEA...


Fitness in Motion: Meet Melanie Bomba

Melanie is the creative founder of Motion Fitness Studio in Petitenget and Avocado Café in Canggu. As the top choice for total fitness in Bali, Melanie is known...


The 2016 UEFA European Championship

Roga takes a look at predictions for the winning team and the top-scorer of the upcoming Euro 2016. The 2016 UEFA European Championship (Euro 2016) is held every four...


The Reshaping Scene of Fitness in Jakarta

Until about 15 years ago, fitness options in Jakarta were largely limited to exclusive membership clubs like the American Club and the Mercantile Athletic Club. In the...

CrossFit Wanderlust

Breaking a Sweat on the Island Known for Its Breaking Waves

A vibrant scene of yoga emerged in the mountains of Ubud years ago, and now the more rigorous training programmes of CrossFit and mixed-martial arts (MMA) are taking...


Sporting Event Tough Mudder Launches in Indonesia

One of the world’s most recognized endurance series, Tough Mudder, is coming to Indonesia in October 2016. Founded in the US in 2010, Tough Mudder is a 16-20 km...


Fielder of Dreams: Jakarta Cricket Association

Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s greatest philanthropists, once said that sport has the power to change the world through its ability of promoting integration. In...

Chipping and Putting, is where good scores are made, Bali Beach has a practice area in front of the clubhouse

Playing Nine Holes in Sanur

Away from the traffic and congestion of Kuta and Legian, Bali Beach’s nine-hole course is an oasis of beauty and calm located in Bali’s quieter area of Sanur. Bali...