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Love the Local Brew

If you’re starved of somewhere to have a decent cup of coffee, look no further. Anomali prides itself for having the best local coffee from around Indonesia, with...

Otel Lobby

Meet me at the Otel Lobby

Receptionist Table No, it’s not a typo. There are two reasons why this new swanky hip spot is missing an ‘H’ to its name. Reason one being management didn’t want...

Photos by Darren Alderson

Have the Guts to Eat from the Street

There are two kinds of people in Jakarta: the ones that eat street food and the ones that don’t.   The ones that do boast about late-night haunts, one-of-a-kind...

1st floor bar1

Give me some Elbow Room!

  Elbow Room, not the one in London’s hip Shoreditch, but the one in Jakarta’s hip Kemang is a place to chill out, unwind and get some ‘elbow space’. As...

Australian Beef Sirloin

Pastis Please

Have you tried Pastis? No, not the French liqueur, the Mediterranean-come-Italian Kitchen and Bar in Aston at the Kuningan Suites. Although this oasis is considered...

buuuk 1

Finding a Restaurant Near You

A friend of mine once asked me, “What are the 5 largest cities in Indonesia?” Confidently I replied, “Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Yogya and maybe Medan.”...

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