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John H McGlynn - The Lontar Foundation

John H. McGlynn – The Lontar Foundation

For much of the world, Indonesia is an exotic country next to Bali, and Java is where coffee comes from. It's viewed as a land of smiles, of gamelan, spices, volcanoes,...

Welcome to Smisland

Welcome to Smisland Mathieu Sechet (aka Nyoman Seseh) (with Keira O’Connor) pub. Bali Buku 2013 After 10 years working in advertising, Mathieu Sechet enrolled in a...

Through Darkness to Light: Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2013

The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival opened for the tenth year on October 11th with an all female gamelan orchestra. The theme, ‘Through Darkness to Light’, is...

Meet Judy Chapman

Meet Judy Chapman. The Author of “My Singapore Lover”, a contemporary love story in which Singapore is the main character.

Crazy Little Heaven: An Indonesian Journey

With his fellow Tasmanian wife and their two young children, Mark Heyward arrived in East Kalimantan in 1992 to teach at an international school for the children of...

Bali Raw: An Exposé of the Underbelly of Bali, Indonesia

This is a strange book, and I have to wonder why it was written, let alone published. Malcolm Scott went to Bali some ten years ago to escape the fallout of a broken...






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