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Jazz Gunung Bromo: The Yin And Yang of Music And Nature

Jazz Gunung Bromo, one of the country’s largest musical festival which has become a stalwart of the cultural calendar, will take place again this year August 18 and 19...

Jazz Event

Expats Looking Forward to Lombok’s First Jazz Festival

The first international Lombok Jazz Festival is predicted to attract a slew of foreigners. The event is hoped to become a new icon for Lombok tourism.

8 Nightclubs in Jakarta and Bali That Foreigners Will Love

8 Nightclubs in Jakarta and Bali That Foreigners Will Love

Some locals advise not to spend too many “days” in the nightclubs. Expats won’t know what this means until they check out these 8 spots in Bali and Jakarta.


Here’s Why Expats in Indonesia Will Find McConaughey’s Movie ‘Gold’ Interesting

The 2016 movie Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez, is a fictionalized account of the infamous Bre-X mining scandal in Indonesia. The movie is...

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Why Indonesia Should Support its Arts and Culture Sector

As we see a growing interest in arts and culture in Indonesia, creative institutions are now working harder to come up with programmes and activities to support these...

Sunday Markt in Sanur

An Expat’s Look into Bali’s Vibrant Weekend Market Scene

Bali’s weekend market scene has really taken off over the past few years with boutique bazaars popping up all over the island. Whether you’re after the latest...


Puteri Indonesia to Represent ‘Unity in Diversity’ with Garuda Costume at Miss Universe 2016

Puteri Indonesia 2016 Kezia Warouw will be gracing the stage in a stunning garuda national costume at this year’s celebration of the world’s most prestigious beauty...


Miss Indonesia Places Third at Miss World 2016

Miss Indonesia Natasha Mannuela Halim bagged the third place in the prestigious Miss World competition held in in Oxon Hill, Maryland, on Sunday, December 18.

The Glamour of Strangeness_WRAP.indd

Jamie James and The Glamour of Strangeness

Jamie James’ book “The Glamour of Strangeness” is a global survey of exotes, artists and writers who “roam the world in search of the home they never had in the...


Prestigious Festival in Japan Puts Indonesian Theatre on the Map

This year marks Indonesia’s debut at SCOT Summer Season in Japan, as director Iswadi Pratama leads his theatre community Teater Satu to the international festival in...

John Coast

Recruit To Revolution

John Coast was 31 when he flew to Bukittinggi in 1948. His life’s journey until that point had been one of youthful idealism when he had flirted with fascism while...

Visiting Made Wiantas Studio. Image by Artpreciation

Artpreciation: Preserving Culture through Tourism

The Internationally recognized Agung Rai Museum of Art is one of the venues for a new type of tour called Artpreciation. The tours aim to raise awareness of the unique...


Indonesia’s First Modern and Contemporary Art Museum Reveals Design for 2017

Set to open in 2017, The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara, or Museum MACAN, finally unveils its design to the public. MACAN will be the first modern...

Dongeng Untuk Nala, Directed by Iswadi Pratama

Teater Satu: Redefining Indonesian Theatre

The arrival of Teater Satu has reoriented the focus of Indonesian theatre which was before considered too ‘Java-centric’. Originating from Bandar Lampung in Sumatra,...

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