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Rockefeller and the Demise of Ibu Pertiwi

It was towards the end of my tour at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta when, in 1969, West Papua became the twenty-sixth province of Indonesia after the so-called ‘Act...


Eating Like Royalty at Dim Sum King

Satiate your dim sum and Cantonese food cravings at this inviting teahouse located in one of Kuningan’s best situated hotels, the Manhattan. Freshly prepared dim sum...


Childhood Obesity and Malnutrition: The Twin Dangers

The release of a recent global survey produced by US Stanford University shocked few living in Indonesia after finding those who live in the country walk the least out...


Indonesia’s Sporting Scene Kicks Goals

Football fanatics can feel right at home here in Indonesia, where the game is played regularly on street corners and school sporting facilities and English Premier...


Your At Home Beauty Parlour

The humble avocado. The breakfast spread of choice in the West and a delicious dessert in Indonesia. And also the DIY face and hair treatment of beauty fanatics...

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2012

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival Launch 2017 Program

The annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival launched its full program Wednesday, Aug. 16, ahead of the October event with a speaker list including some of the top names...

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Comfort Food – Peking Duck Tacos

Food writer May Tien shares one of her most cherished recipes from her very own repertoire of Asian-American influenced cookery. I can’t remember when I ate my first...

60-day Whiskey-aged Ribeye

The ABCs of Fine Grilled Meat at AB Steak

AB Steak is a unique Korean-American barbeque concept by renowned chef Akira Back. Although dry-aged steak is the star of the show, the supporting cast of starters and...


Jazz Gunung Bromo: The Yin And Yang of Music And Nature

Jazz Gunung Bromo, one of the country’s largest musical festival which has become a stalwart of the cultural calendar, will take place again this year August 18 and 19...


Get to McGettigan’s

Excitement is constantly generated in Jakarta, especially in the world of food and drink. In Mega Kuningan – the neighbourly sprawl of five-star hotels, embassies and...

Mathias Boe

Mathias Boe Says BCA Indonesia Open Marred By Abuse, Threats

While the player noted disliking teams is just part of the sporting world, he said he would not tolerate threats or abuse towards himself or his country.

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How to Make Homemade Martabak

Touted as the ultimate Indonesian street food, the martabak is a popular snack across the country. Almost every city serves this local favourite which can be found...


Ramadan Crackdown Nets Formalin-Tofu Traders

The cases are a reminder to all to be cautious and properly inspect foods, particularly those bought at local markets from traders.

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Around the World in Seven Meals, Without Leaving Jakarta

Jakarta is a brilliant city for any foodie to explore. With food from every corner of the archipelago, it’s hard to run out of options. But for those nights you’re...

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