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Tanjung Priok

Down but Not Out in Tanjung Priok

You can find some wonderful things in the most unlikely of places. In this particular case a trek – well actually a very lengthy cycle ride – into one of Jakarta’s...


Stick it to ’em: Field Hockey in Jakarta

Every time I told people I was off to an international hockey event on the weekend I was greeted with the same reaction. “I didn’t know they played hockey in...

Audrey Soraya

Meet Audrey Soraya Rodriguez Rincon

Meet Audrey Soraya Rodriguez Rincon, a beautiful mother of two with more than 20 years of experience in the healthy lifestyle world. This health coach is new to Jakarta...

Multi-City Flying - Save Money on the Way to Europe

Multi-City Flying: Save Money on the Way to Europe

In Europe the holiday season begins in June and lasts until the first few days of September. The longest day in Europe is called the Solstice on 21st of June and some...

Street Kids

Birth Certificates

When Fanta, a four-year-old girl living with her family under the toll road in West Jakarta was molested, Jakarta Police wanted to help find the perpetrator and bring...

The Warung Ritual of Bali

There is something so delightfully charming about the warung. It’s a celebration of culture, where traditional foods meet a relaxing, unpretentious ambience that...

Singapore International School Bona Vista students seriously care for their environment

Dua Tangan Cukup: Actions from Across the Archipelago The students of Singapore International School, Bona Vista, are always eager and ahead to keep the environment...

Cracked Egg

Car Theft Hoaxes

“There’s a new method of car theft,” a colleague breathlessly told me last week. “Thieves throw an egg at your windscreen when you’re driving. If you turn on...

25 Years of Flawless Blues and Roots Music

25 Years of Flawless Blues and Roots Music

What does one look for in a music festival? Of course, there are many different types depending on the kind of music you’re after, but usually we have our ears set to...

Aini Abdul - photo by David Metcalf

Aini Abdul – The Sailor’s Daughter

Aini Abdul was born in a small village in Southwest Kalimantan to a Dayak Iban father and a Javanese mother. Nothing particularly unusual about that in this part of the...

Harley Davidson Rider

Custom Bikes with Powerful Pipes

A compassionate heart beats under the leathers of a Harley-Davidson rider. When you ask guys who own Harley-Davidson motorcycles how long they’ve been riding, most of...

Paulaner Bar

Paulaner Bräuhaus: Guten Appetit!

The German state of Bavaria is not only known for its delicious Apfelstrudel and its namesake cream for dessert, it is also a land of beer and various exciting...

Invisible Migrants: Indonesians Abroad

Imagine if three Dutch, American, or Germans died abroad every day? The outrage and international attention would be astounding. The murder of a single American in Bali...

Nagesh Chawla

Nagesh Chawla, General Manager of Ritz-Carlton Jakarta

In this issue of Indonesia Expat we meet Nagesh Chawla, General Manager of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. Nagesh is an experienced hotelier with over...






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