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Don’t Burn Our Future!

Aradhya Sharma, a 10th grader at Singapore School, Bona Vista reminds us of the hazards of burning rubbish and the importance of practicing the three Rs for the future...


Sahur On the Road Riots Shock Jakarta

Sahur on the Road (SOTR) has been marred with violence this year, with reports of assaults and even deaths as police and Muslim community leaders calling for calm....

Webtorial - Sensory Integration Disorder

Sensory Integration Disorder: A Misunderstood Form of ADD/ADHD in Children

5-15% of schooling children have difficulties in their sensory regulation to their environment. This means that some children may have more difficulties than others in...


76 Chinese Women Arrested During NYE Nightclub Raid

Immigration officials nabbed 76 Chinese women for allegedly working as sex workers in Indonesia in a raid they conducted at the Sun City nightclub in West Jakarta on New...


iPhone 7 Now Sold in Indonesia After Apple Meets Local Content Requirement

After Apple – the American technology titan – agreed to put up a research and development centre in Indonesia, the highly anticipated latest model of iPhone has now...


Police Arrests Group for Suspected Treason Against Jokowi

Indonesian police nabbed a group of eight people for suspected treason in raids carried out a few hours before the national protest against Jakarta’s Christian...

IE Foreign Labour

Reported Number of Expat Workers Plummets in Indonesia

“Foreign labour regulations in Indonesia are tight. There are skill and knowledge requirements. The point is, only skilled labourers are allowed to work in Indonesia.... (11)

Fun With Weapons

Daniel Pope contemplates whether a foreigner could get away with murder in Indonesia.  My local hangout in Jakarta in the mid-1990s – a shabby streetside cafe where...


Communities Gather to Clean Up Gunung Marapi in West Sumatra

Chairman of the Parimbo Minangkabau Community, Roni Marianto, led an initiative to clean up the ascent trail of Mount Marapi in Tanahdatar, West Sumatra Province, in...


Eco-Village Hero: Meet Thomas Heinle

Karen Davis meets Thomas Heinle of Eco-Village Samosir on Lake Toba: a unique community where you may do something of value and really experience true village life on...


Sumatra Paradiso: Meet Dominique Murail

Dominique is Managing Director of Cubadak Paradiso Resort on Cubadak Island in West Sumatra. Established in 1992, the resort was a hospitality pioneer in this region,...


In Search of the Perfect Smile: Neu Premium Dentistry

Dr. Andri is the owner of Neu Premium Dentistry, which has two branches in Jakarta. He explains his business philosophy to us, and how New Premium uses new technologies...


Booze Blues

The price of alcohol in Indonesia continues to soar into the stratosphere as new import duties are introduced.   I’ve been cajoled into penning a few tetchy...

The canibalistic Fore Tribe of Papua New Guinea

Fetch the Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti

Where I come from people never die. Before you rush to buy a house next to mine, I don’t mean people live forever, I mean that English people will never say a person...

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