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fast boat

Tourists Die After Fast Boat Explodes in Bali

At least two people are dead and 14 have been injured after a fast boat exploded en route from East Bali to the Gili Islands.

Famous Party Beggar Benjamin Holst Bagged in Surabaya

Famous Beggar Benjamin Holst Arrested in Surabaya

World renowned beggar Benjamin Holst is a folk hero with an abnormally large leg. He has been able to travel the world and party with cash made by panhandling, but...

Joko Widodo in China

What’s Next for Indonesia after Jokowi’s Visit to China for G20 Summit?

China and Indonesia have broad common interests in bilateral relations. A successful G20 summit for the two countries would yield strategic benefits.

Indonesia’s drug chief supports Philippine-style murders

Indonesia’s anti-drug chief has encouraged the nation to apply brutal crackdown methods on traffickers like the ones led by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. As...

indonesia's rupiah: tax amnesty

What Does Tax Amnesty Mean for Expats in Indonesia?

Of course, this tax amnesty scheme could theoretically be useful for locals, while certainly helping propel the government’s agenda. But what does it mean for expats?

Why Expat Tech Founders Set up Shop in Jakarta

A new breed of professionals has made its way to Indonesia’s shores. Foreign startup founders are riding the tide of a true tech boom in Jakarta.   For a long time,...

IE Foreign Labour

Reported Number of Expat Workers Plummets in Indonesia

“Foreign labour regulations in Indonesia are tight. There are skill and knowledge requirements. The point is, only skilled labourers are allowed to work in Indonesia....


Police Arrest Racist Assailants on Jakarta Busway

The group surrounded Kusuma, and began their racist taunt, “Are you Ahok? You’re Ahok, right?” The victim attempted to ignore them, despite close proximity.

Is Sri Mulyani Indonesia’s Best Hope for Economic Reform?

In his second cabinet reshuffle, Jokowi substitutes finance minister Brodjonegoro with Sri Mulyani Indrawati. What does this say about the nation’s balance sheet?...

Who is Ahok? Supporters and Psych Experts Weigh in on Jakarta’s Controversial Governor

Critics call him impulsive and crass, while supporters think he’s a no-nonsense political saviour. Here’s everything you need to know about governor ‘Ahok’.  ...

What does the Brexit Mean for UK Expats in Indonesia?

If the UK’s exit from the EU creates an economic apocalypse in London, Jakarta may serve as the other side of the fence, where the grass is greener. For expats in...

British Bengkulu: A Forgotten Imperial Outpost

Bengkulu, October 1685: The fort stood atop a small hillock on the banks of a coffee-coloured creek. To the west the Indian Ocean stretched blank and white and empty. To...

Indonesia May be the Next Frontier for Ecotourism Entrepreneurs

Ecotourism in Indonesia is an emerging trend that could be the next big thing. Here’s a guide on how to start an ecotourism business in the archipelago. Despite...

Indonesia Aims to Replicate Bali’s Success with Ten New Tourist Destinations

As part of an effort to reduce the nation’s dependence on exporting raw commodities, President Jokowi has chosen tourism as a key sector to beef up with economic...