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Nationwide Measles-Rubella Immunization Campaign Kicks Off

The Government of Indonesia kicked off its most ambitious immunization drive to date this week in Yogyakarta, with aims to vaccinate 35 million children in Java against...

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August: An Auspicious Month to Celebrate Indonesia and the Region

This month Indonesia celebrates its 72nd anniversary of independence. Millions of children around the archipelago will spend August 17 playing games in the...


Visa Laws Set to Relax Under Immigration, Foreign Affairs Ministry Plan

Visa requirements and stay permit application procedures will be eased for foreign experts and investors under a plan announced Tuesday, Aug 8, in a joint statement...


Get Ready To Wave The Red And White

With the Independence Day holiday fast approaching and the country already painting itself red and white, August is always a great time to immerse yourself in a touch of...


Prepare to Farewell Rupiah’s Zeroes If Central Bank Has Its Way

Dropping some zeroes from Indonesia’s currency has long been touted by the country’s central bank, community groups and lawmakers, but is this recent public...


Under the Knife: Female Genitalia Mutilation Causes Long-Term Psychological Effects on Indonesian Women

Female genitalia mutilation is a common practice in Indonesia. Although it is largely associated with Islamic teachings, many claim there is no connection to the...

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Indonesia’s Tourism: Three Major Trends To Watch For

Indonesia has been a world favourite holiday destination for decades, with tourists from Australia and Southeast Asia mainly flocking to the resort island of Bali. But...

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Trump Takes On Tanah Lot

Property mogul turned President of the United States Donald Trump has a lot on his plate, but that hasn’t stopped him from setting his sights on a six-star resort...


The Boom Is Here As Indonesia Tourism Tops Asean Growth

Indonesia’s stunning beaches, mountainscapes and jungles are by no means a well-kept secret, but tourism has largely been confined to the established resort island of...

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Is Jakarta Set To Lose Capital City Title In 2018?

Rumours of plans to move Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to another city in Java or even another region have long swirled, but are the recent rumblings different?


Obama, Jokowi Dine On Bakso In Bogor

President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo and former US president Barack Obama met Friday, June 30, for lunch in Bogor to mark the end of the Obama family’s ten-day holiday...


The Other Side of Ramadan: What Non-Muslims Make of the Islamic Holy Month

With around 87 percent of local Islamic residents celebrating Ramadan every year, others have no choice but to show respect. But what is it really like for non-Muslims...


What You Need to Know About Annual Bonuses in Indonesia

Expat employers and foreign professionals may have heard their local counterparts speaking of something called ‘THR’ in recent weeks. If you’re not yet familiar...


The Ramadan Productivity Drop And How To Overcome It

The holy fasting month of Ramadan is a special time in Indonesia, with nightly celebrations and long days of devout reflection for Muslims and discrete respect from...

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