Category: Education

Educating Rita

What do expatriate parents in Indonesia spend most money on? Educating their children. Educating your child through school and University will cost the average...

The Safe Childhoods Foundation

The Safe Childhoods Foundation

The Safe Childhoods Foundation considers every childhood to be precious. Their dedicated team provides healthcare and aid packages to those living in absolute poverty...

Ewa with Kopernik co-workers

Kopernik: Serving the Last Mile

More than a decade ago, Ewa Wojkowska remembers driving at night in complete darkness through a remote town in East Timor. Located in one of the poorest districts of...

John Hardy

Meet John Hardy, Jewellery Designer and Co-Founder of the “Greenest School on Earth”, the Green School in Bali. From bamboo swimming pools to home grown lunches,...

Ten Traffic Rules for School Kids – 2012 Style!

At school, seven-year-old kids in Bali learn about the rules of the road; like to walk on the left side of the road, to cross the road at zebra crossings, and for...






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