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An Expat’s Guide to International Preschools in Indonesia

Moving to a foreign country and raising your kids there can be a big challenge. An even bigger challenge will be searching for the right preschool for your kids in that...


Education Ministry to Consolidate Social Aid Data

The Ministry of Education and Culture has been assigned to distribute Smart Indonesia Cards (also known as KIP) to disadvantaged students.


British Council Pushes to Empower Indonesian Teachers and Students

The British Council-Indonesia partnered with HSBC and set a character-building programme for local teachers, principals and high school students.


Militant Islamic Group Forces Christian School to Remove Ad with Student in Hijab

After a Christmas service in Bandung was forcibly shut down by Islamic hardliners early last week, another militant Islamic group in Yogyakarta pressed a Christian...


Life at the Australian International School

Teaching and travelling might be the perfect combination for those who are looking to build a career in education, with a bit of adventure. Apart from being the go-to...


Police Confiscate “Pornographic” Textbooks in West Sumatra

Police raided a number of Sumatra schools early this month and confiscated “pornographic textbooks” that supposedly contained vulgar content.

Dr Stuart Tasker, the new principal of ACG School Jakarta

The Principals of Education: Meet Dr. Stuart Tasker

Dr. Stuart Tasker is an educator who has been an expat for 12 years. In June, he will be moving from Thailand to act as the new Principal of ACG School, Jakarta, an...


Education Begins at Home: Meet Kayti Denham

British educator and activist Kayti Denham inspires her students to learn about the world and the interconnectedness of all things. Kayti is a real multi-tasker, taking...


Government Hopes More Foreign Students Will Study at Indonesian Universities

While education quality remains a problem in Indonesia, the government just made it easier for foreign students to enrol in local universities. In January, the...

Group of Teenage Students | Photo Courtesy of Istock

Advanced Placement vs. International Baccalaureate – A Parent’s Dilemma

Parents want a non-biased review of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) from the International Baccalaureate Organisation, Genève, Switzerland, and...


The Teacher Exodus: Why are International School Teachers Leaving?

Teachers come to Indonesia to teach at international schools for a variety of reasons: the opportunity to grow as an educator with many new experiences coupled with a...


OMG Skool is Soooo Yesterday!

These dayz edukashun trewly is a compleet waist of time. Don’t need English anymore cz we alwz abbreviate and every1 understands anyway. Don’t need maths cz we hv...

2-aysah's karang school

Bali & Massachusetts: Two School Systems Worlds Apart

Bill Dalton recounts his daughter Aysah’s unique but unenviable opportunity over the past ten years of alternating between two school systems in two separate...


Interning in Paradise | Julie van der Meer Mohr

Julie is Operational Manager of Internship Bali; an agency with a unique approach, placing students and growth-oriented individuals in exciting internships while meeting...