Category: Business Profile

Rully Darmawan, Business Development Manager of Liberica Coffee

Firstly, I’d like to know a bit about your background. Where did you study and what got you interested to be a part of the coffee industry? I had a vision that one day...

MTE Richard Daguise, the French CEO of Mesa Hotels & Resorts

Where are you originally from? Why the move to Indonesia? Am originally from France. After several years spent in London following my degree in France, I decided, for...

Elsie Mullers, Director of Marketing, Product Development, and International Business Development at PT Eatertainment Indonesia

This issue’s Business Profile, we meet an entrepreneurial woman, Elsie Mullers, who is the Director of Marketing, Product Development and International Business...

Meet Karishma Vaswani, Indonesia Editor at BBC News

Meet Karishma Vaswani, a well-known face in journalism. Karishma has been the BBC News Indonesia Correspondent since 2009, and was recently promoted to Indonesia Editor...

Henry Lucman, Director of Dr. Gadget

In this issue of Indonesia Expat, we took interest in the technology sector and conversed with Henry Lucman, director and co-owner of a startup technology reparation...

Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif

Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif, Chief Executive Officer at Samali Hotels & Resorts

Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif, affectionately known by many as Pak Bram, is the Chief Executive Officer of Samali Hotels & Resorts. Pak Bram, you are a young yet...

Brian Billdt - the CEO of LifeSpa Fitness

Meet Brian Billdt, CEO of LifeSpa Fitness

This issue we meet Brian Billdt, the CEO of LifeSpa Fitness whose life’s work is committed to making people look better, feel better and live longer. Please tell us a...

Satish Sethi

Satish Sethi, Country Manager Emirates Airline Indonesia

Satish Sethi is an expert in the aviation industry, with 18 years of solid experience behind him. Satish previously worked at Jet Airways and KLM before joining Emirates...

Nagesh Chawla

Nagesh Chawla, General Manager of Ritz-Carlton Jakarta

In this issue of Indonesia Expat we meet Nagesh Chawla, General Manager of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. Nagesh is an experienced hotelier with over...

Indri Gautama

Indri Gautama, Owner of Royal Academy School

In this issue of Indonesia Expat’s Business Profile, we meet Indri Gautama. Indri is the owner of the Royal Academy School and a very well-respected educator in...

Adrian Li - Qraved founder

Meet Adrian Li, Co-Founder of Qraved

In this edition of Indonesia Expat’s Business Profile, we meet a young gentleman named Adrian Li. Adrian is an internet entrepreneur and co-founder of, a...






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