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Schinder Business Center: From Law Firm to Working Space

Naz Juman, the CEO of Schinder Business Center, gives us an insight into the success behind establishing a law firm, as well as multiple working spaces which cater to...

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Meeting the Needs of the Future Labour Market With Indonesia Education Partnerships

Not only expat directors of companies in Indonesia know that finding qualified human capacity is challenging – especially for skilled positions and middle management...

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The Future of Apartments and Luxury Residences in Jakarta

Shangri-La’s Property Manager Kathryn Urquhart discusses the strategies behind managing luxury residences in the capital city. Hi Kathryn, thank you for taking your...

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How Market Entry Service Firms Are Really Helping Foreign Investors

Estonian expat, Lauri Lahi, shares insights into the work of market entry service firm Emerhub in helping foreign investors and companies secure their place in...


Indonesia’s Hopes and Struggles in the Economic Landscape, According to Oxford Business Group’s Federica Petrilli

In the wake of the trade protectionism takeover, collapsing commodity prices and other pressing economic issues, it is important to locate Indonesia’s position in the...

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Kenneth Rogers: What It’s Like to Manage Luxury Residences in Two Countries

In order to survive in the highly competitive hospitality sector, one must not only understand the importance of product differentiation but also learn how to provide...

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Meet Noni Purnomo: The Woman Behind Blue Bird’s Wheel

Blue Bird is more than just an iconic taxi company. The inspiring story of how one woman has managed the family company since 1972 will blow your mind.

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The Man Behind the Curtain of Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta

The Central Bureau of Statistics shows Yogyakarta as the country’s top travel destination in recent years. The number of tourist arrivals to the province grew by...

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Denmark Seeks More Wind Power Plant Opportunities in Indonesia

With two major wind power plant projects in the works, Danish investors are on the hunt to develop more cooperations in Indonesia citing high potential in the sector.


88Spares: Taking Indonesia’s Textile Industry by Storm

Indonesia’s first B2B e-marketplace for industrial machine spare parts aims to broaden the horizons of the nation’s textile and garment industry. Caranissa Djatmiko...

Super Loco

How Mexican Joints Can Survive in Jakarta’s Culinary Scene

Caranissa Djatmiko sits down with Christian Tan, owner and founder of Super Loco, to find out what it takes to run a Mexican restaurant in the capital city. Mexican...

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Success is Passion Peppered with Sacrifice and Drama

Raised in a family largely involved in the hospitality sector and blessed to have travelled the world at a young age, Roberto Secci has been amazed with this line of...

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AFEX Indonesia on Fintech and Cross-Border Payments

As the world’s fourth most populous country, which has 742 different languages, 18,307 islands and a middle-income class that is larger than Australia’s, Indonesia...


The Economics of Bintang Beer in Indonesia and Beyond

In the UK, Bintang will be distributed by Kingfisher Beer Europe. Multi Bintang Indonesia seeks to promote the lager beyond just pubs and bars.

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