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The Economics of Bintang Beer in Indonesia and Beyond

In the UK, Bintang will be distributed by Kingfisher Beer Europe. Multi Bintang Indonesia seeks to promote the lager beyond just pubs and bars.


Tensions Rise as Freeport-Indonesia Mining Dispute May Go to Court

Tensions arise as Freeport and Indonesia both show no signs of backing down. Here's what you need to know about the dispute if the case goes to arbitration.


Former President SBY Accused of Framing Ex-KPK Chief for Murder

Some suspect Azhar reported the matter to influence the result of the governor election in Jakarta, in which the ex-president’s son Agus Yudhoyono is running.

What Will Ignasius Jonan’s Energy Ministry Look Like?

Experts and analysts raise serious questions about the ability of newly appointed Ignasius Jonan to lead Indonesia’s complex energy and mineral resources sector. Rapid...

Not Just Expats, But ‘Non-native’ Locals Are Not Allowed to Own Land In Yogyakarta

Officials in Yogya believe there are two kinds of Indonesians: native and non-native. Because of this, we might not be able to own the land we’ve purchased

A Closer Look at the Indonesia-EU Timber Agreement

On November 15, Indonesia will make history for being the first country in the world to export timber to the European Union (EU) after it passes international...

Is Sandiaga Uno Jakarta’s Next Governor?

In Jakarta, tension between political parties is at an all time high, as the 2017 gubernatorial election is just around the corner. The Great Indonesia Movement Party...


Police Arrest Racist Assailants on Jakarta Busway

The group surrounded Kusuma, and began their racist taunt, “Are you Ahok? You’re Ahok, right?” The victim attempted to ignore them, despite close proximity.

Who is Ahok? Supporters and Psych Experts Weigh in on Jakarta’s Controversial Governor

Critics call him impulsive and crass, while supporters think he’s a no-nonsense political saviour. Here’s everything you need to know about governor ‘Ahok’.  ...

What does the Brexit Mean for UK Expats in Indonesia?

If the UK’s exit from the EU creates an economic apocalypse in London, Jakarta may serve as the other side of the fence, where the grass is greener. For expats in...