Terry Donohue

As a kid Terry stared at maps, read books about pirates and spent barefoot summers on an island up in Canada. Over the last 30 years, he and his wife have lived and worked in eight different countries, raising their family on five different continents. Terry hopes his writing and photography will inspire others to test life’s fragile boundaries and create their own adventures.

VESPA ACROSS INDONESIA PART II: Nusa Tenggara, Travelling at the Speed of Whim

Living in board shorts, riding from swimming hole to swimming hole and leaning into the next curve. This is freedom, this is touring Indonesia by Vespa. The first part...

A Vespa Trip Across Indonesia

Ever had a crazy notion to ride a Vespa across Indonesia? Well, for years I’ve had this idea stewing in the back of my mind.  Pouring over the maps and talking with...

The People Behind the Goods

Colourful street vendors are an integral part of Jakarta’s landscape; one that separates Jakarta from other boring, even sterile-looking, cities. A thriving...

The Resurrection of Krakatau

When Krakatau erupted in 1883, it became the most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history.  Scientists stationed in Batavia (Jakarta) used seismographs to...






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