Terje Nilsen

Terje H. Nilsen is Principal of Paradise Property Group. He was born in Norway 1967, been working 20 years in Indonesia within the Fitness, Spa, Leisure, Hotel and Mall industry. His hobbies are sport, Balinese Culture, and Spirituality.

Bali and Beyond: A Property Business Perspective

Terje Nilsen, Principal of Ray White Paradise, a leading real estate company in Bali, discusses what’s hot in property in Bali and beyond. We are about six months into...

Bali Real Estate and Ownership Options

Bali Real Estate and Ownership Options

Bali is an amazing and inviting place to live, and also invest. For 15 years ++ property prices has continued to go up, and are most likely to continue to do so. For...

Where is Bali Property Heading?

Where is Bali Property Heading?

There is a lot of exposure about Bali and its tourism developments, as well as property and uncontrolled developments. There are a lot of critiques and arguments coming...

Zoning Regulations - Sunset in Bali

Zoning Regulations

In Bali there are no parking problems, you can park anywhere you want. In Bali there are no zoning regulations, you can build anywhere you want. Not true. Zoning...

Land Laws in Bali Differ from the Rest of Indonesia? Not Really.

Real Estate agents around Indonesia, and internationally, think that land laws in Bali are different from the rest of Indonesia, as foreigners can own freehold land! You...






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