Shoeb Kagda

Solving Indonesia’s Talent Deficit

Over the past two decades, Indonesia has added 40 million people to its population. The country’s demographic dividend is often touted as one of its major strengths...

Shaping the Future of Indonesia

What will the world be like in 2045? Indonesia will celebrate its 100th year of independence, but what kind of country will it be? Indonesia is a nation of great...

An Economy Ripe for Disruption

Indonesia is undergoing rapid change and the rise of new technopreneurs is accelerating that change. New industries enabled by technology are disrupting existing players...

The Holy Grail of Coworking Space

Technology is widely regarded as a key driver of global economic growth. Across the world, whole industries and sectors are being transformed by new technology that...

The Intersection of the Knowledge Economy and Globalisation

In 1982 when Richard Buckminster Fuller created the “Knowledge Doubling Curve”, he noticed that until 1900, human knowledge only doubled approximately every 100...






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