Scott Hanna

Scott Hanna has lived and worked in Indonesia since 2006. A mining professional by day, he spends his evenings slinging barbells at Bengkel CrossFit and cooking up ideas for Bad Idea Jones, a charitable movement turning wild antics into good deeds. He's a Basset Hound-loving father of two based in Jakarta.

Coping in the Big Durian

Jakarta isn’t a city for everyone. Many of the problems aren’t unique to large cities in emerging economies: poor sanitation systems, pollution, and rampant...

The Reshaping Scene of Fitness in Jakarta

Until about 15 years ago, fitness options in Jakarta were largely limited to exclusive membership clubs like the American Club and the Mercantile Athletic Club. In the...

Breaking a Sweat on the Island Known for its Breaking Waves

A vibrant scene of yoga emerged in the mountains of Ubud years ago, and now the more rigorous training programmes of CrossFit and mixed-martial arts (MMA) are taking...






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