Nithin Coca

Nithin was born in San Diego, California to parents from South India, and has taken his international upbringing to the maximum, having lived and worked in the United States, France, Spain, Nepal, and currently, Indonesia, where he hopes to play a role in protecting this country's amazing environmental and cultural heritage through education, policy, and social activism. He can be reached at

Indonesia’s Opportunity at 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair

The country’s aspiring writers are aiming to make a big splash at the world’s largest book festival next year. Did you know a literary renaissance is taking...

Invisible Migrants: Indonesians Abroad

Imagine if three Dutch, American, or Germans died abroad every day? The outrage and international attention would be astounding. The murder of a single American in Bali...


Path vs. Facebook: How Indonesia’s Present is the World’s Social Media Future

Closed networks. A limit on friends. Strong privacy settings. It’s Path, of course. The social network, launched in 2010, received scant attention from users in...

Nusantara Fabrics Leading the Way on Recycled Polyester

In a city overflowing with waste and drowning in consumerism, recycling and sustainability take a backseat to the rapid development, as anyone who’s passed by a pile...

A Language Education Mess

A Language Education Mess

Schools across the country are preparing for a huge shift; beginning this next term, English will no longer be a required subject in Government primary schools. The...

Indonesian Football Supporter

Football Fanatics and the Ideal of Sport

It’s only a few weeks to the European Champions League Final, May 25th, and though it will take place far way, in London, England, and will involve no players from...

Can it Work? A Progress Report on Saving Indonesia’s Precious Forests

As a child, my nightmares weren’t like other children’s. They didn’t have monsters, ghosts, or terrifying creatures, instead, they came from the videos...

Kaki Lima - street vendors in Jakarta

Street Food is Fast Food

Ubiquitous, cheap, filling, and, most importantly, delicious. Street food and Indonesia are often seen as one and the same. They are outside the shopping malls of...

Photo by Pak Liam

More Mangroves, Less Flooding

Did you know there is actually a mangrove plantation in Jakarta? You probably have driven by it many times and not even noticed. It can be found right along the...

Cinema Driving Debate on Interfaith Marriage

As Indonesia develops, its people are becoming more transient. Jakarta is a melting pot of people of various religions and ethnicities from all around the archipelago,...

Counterpoint: Dutch Colonialism Versus the Divisive Legacy of the British in South Asia

As an Indian-American currently living in Indonesia, I was surprised to read Mr. Rooseboom’s recent article comparing the Colonial experiences of Indonesia and...






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