Mark Heyward

Mark Heyward has lived and worked in Indonesia for over twenty years. His 2013 book, Crazy Little Heaven, an Indonesian Journey has become a best seller in this country.

Writing the Indonesian Experience

When I first arrived in the early ‘90s, it was close to impossible to find any English language books about Indonesia. Things have changed. The Internet was not yet...

Bali to London Blues: Erik Sondhy

London Blues, released on the IndoJazzia Musik label in May, is an extraordinary collection of solo pieces by Bali’s own Erik Sondhy, recorded in one take at the...

Operation Starfish: The Untold Story of Australian Commandos in Lombok, 1945

The Lombok Strait averages about a thousand metres in depth, though in places it is far deeper. And not only is the strait deep, it is treacherous. Its southern entrance...

Eheng: A Journey to the Dayak Afterlife

An excerpt from Looking for Borneo, images, words and music inspired by the book, Crazy Little Heaven. Not far from here, at the end of an impossibly potholed jungle...






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