LL. Wing

LL. Wing is a NYC artist and writer.


Meet Paola Cannucciari

Meet Paola Cannucciari, an Environmental and Conservation consultant. Paola has been in Indonesia for over two decades, and since 2006 with ecoBali; the organization...

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Meet Kim Durieux, the Bali Wedding Celebrant.

How did you become a minister? When I was at university in Santa Cruz, California I became a Minister of the Universal Light Church. This church was created in the...


Meet Carl Hoffman

This award-winning author and journalist has flown with mercenary bush pilots in the Congo, ridden reindeer in Siberia, and written the most substantive book on Michael...

Jero, Wendyl and Made

Meet Wendyl Smith

Meet Wendyl Smith, an American expat inspiring a small group of farmers to create a coffee that is out-of-this-world delicious and livelihoods that are sustainable. When...

Deborah Gabinetti with Oliver Stones at the Film Premiere of SAVAGES.

Meet Deborah Gabinetti

Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, Deborah is the founder of the Bali Film Centre, an international film promotion board to ensure foreign production companies...

Mike (left) at a ROLE foundation event

Meet Mike O’Leary

Founder and CEO of ROLE Bali, a non-profit humanitarian organization whose aim is to improve the education, well-being and self reliance of people living in...

Mohamed addresses launch

Lempad, a Timeless Balinese Master

Thirty six years after his death at the age of 116, the first complete presentation of the works of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad is now available. On June 19th 2014 at Arma...

Michael with trophy skulls in Borneo 1977

Adventures into the Heart of Borneo with Michael Palmieri

Borneo is the third largest island in the world, which is politically shared by three countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The island has over 250 indigenous...

We Love Bali Save

Expats and Locals in Solidarity for a Safer Bali

In response to the recent increase in street crimes, road accidents, home burglaries, and murder in Bali, expats have created forums and events to bring local...

Rony Indo

Meet Rony Indo

Meet Rony Indo, The French-Indonesian Prince who is living happily ever after in Bali.   Hello Rony. Where were you born and educated? I was born on planet Mars and...

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