Lina Noviandari

Indonesia Aims to Replicate Bali’s Success with Ten New Tourist Destinations

As part of an effort to reduce the nation’s dependence on exporting raw commodities, President Jokowi has chosen tourism as a key sector to beef up with economic...

Indonesia May Turn on a Bootleg Alcohol Tap by Banning the Legal One

The House of Representatives is deliberating an alcohol prohibition bill. But concerns have been raised, and many believe the move would be counterproductive. A...

Tips for Investors: How SMEs in Indonesia Can Compete in the AEC

With the AEC in effect, Indonesia’s small businesses have competition from neighbouring countries. Here’s how 57 million SMEs can thrive in the digital economy.  ...

With a Long History in Indonesia, Tobacco Remains an Economic Pillar

Tobacco companies in Indonesia could face challenging times, as regulators tighten. But with power and resources, cigarette firms have cause to be optimistic. When it...

With Government Research, LGN Hopes to Make Marijuana Legal in Indonesia

Despite Indonesia’s strict drug laws, a local community named Lingkar Ganja Nusantara (LGN) believes marijuana can become legal and transparently regulated in the...

Tips for Investors: The Unwritten Rules of Doing Business in Lombok

An experienced entrepreneur shares some important tips you should take note of before starting up a business or putting your money in Lombok. Today, it is often referred...






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