Lily Akpuaka

Lily provides Life and Behaviour Coaching Services to individuals in Jakarta. Her experienced approach to coaching facilitates lasting behaviour changes to enable you attain your personal or career goals. Contact E:, T: 0818 888 091, W:

A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home

As I sit here in my empty apartment a weird feeling settles over me, it feels like insecurity mixed with sadness and excitement – we are moving home, city and country....

Choice – Striving towards prosperity or striding towards excess?

What if having more actually meant enjoying less? Welcome to the age of ‘Affluenza’ or gluttony, this disease is marked by patients doggedly pursuing more, more and...

The Environment – From the Insides Out

If the outsides are a reflection of what’s going on inside, what does your environment/space say about you? Our actions, no matter how ‘negligible’ they seem,...

Cause-ology: Predicting the Future through Action

I believe in Cause-ology. Cause-ology dictates that the easiest way of predicting the future is to get out of bed in the morning and create it. Coaches call this living...

In Pursuit of Happiness: Learning from Tom, Dick and Harry

Despite the hype about New Year being a time to celebrate there is something about the end of a year that causes us to pause, sit back and reflect. Perhaps it’s a...

Getting Fit

Get Fit for NYE!

If you have not noticed we have 6 weeks to NYE so put down the cupcake and pick up the training gear; its time to bring in the New Year looking super-fit. Oddly enough...






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