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Large Reptiles Emerge from the Sewers in Kemang

A gigantic python slithered up from one of the sewers on Kemang Raya. It was one of two large reptiles that emerged as a result of flooding in Kemang.


Despite Cultural Conservatism, Hooters to Open in Jakarta

US-based restaurant chain Hooters will open its first Indonesian location in Jakarta’s trendy Kemang district. But will the nation’s conservative culture let it fly?


Man Electrocuted as Birthday Gag, Killed by Friends

A 21-year-old Jakarta man is dead after a birthday gag went wrong, and he was killed by friends. The victim was strapped to an electrified pole and had water dumped on...


Bogor Named Second Worst City to Drive In

Popular navigation app Waze just ranked Jakarta’s suburban neighbour Bogor as the second worst city to drive your car in, just behind Cebu in the Philippines.

fast boat

Tourists Die After Fast Boat Explodes in Bali

At least two people are dead and 14 have been injured after a fast boat exploded en route from East Bali to the Gili Islands.

Dengue is Common in Indonesia; Zika is Carried by Same Mosquito

Zika causes only mild flu-like symptoms, but can lead to serious neurological disorders in unborn babies. Pregnant women in Indonesia should take precautions. Earlier...

Op-Ed: Despite Fear Mongering Media, Indonesia Responds Healthily to Terrorism

During violent attacks on 14 January in Jakarta, the media grossly misreported the facts. It was sloppy and irresponsible, as fear mongering is the definition of...

Bandung’s Asian-African Conference Approaches, as More Drug Traffickers Face the Firing Squad

Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan of the Bali Nine are still scheduled to be executed, even though legal appeals have postponed the executions indefinitely. Amidst...

An Investor’s Guide to Indonesia: Red Tape for Foreign Cash

For foreign investors looking to capitalise on Indonesia’s future, here are some things to think about before jumping into the archipelago with both feet. If you’re...

US-Based Sovereign’s Capital Wants to Beef Up Healthcare in Indonesia

As the Jakarta-based managing principal of Sovereign’s Capital, Luke Roush recounts his firm’s investment progress with Indonesian healthcare companies.    ...