Kenneth Yeung

Kenneth Yeung is a Jakarta-based editor.

Male hands in handcuffs

King Con: How Dimas Kanjeng Graduated from Tricks to Murder

A con man who pretended he could magically double people’s money was just operating a Ponzi scheme cloaked in religious mysticism. It fell apart after he allegedly...


The Sexual Gymnastics of Women in Madura

Madura women are famed for their ability to enhance sex by clenching their vaginal muscles. Some even take sexual gymnastics courses with herbal remedies.


Environmental Scams: Blue and Green Aren’t Gold

Alternative energy is big business, so it’s no surprise that it attracts controversy, scandals and scams. It seems just about anyone can be taken in by a hoax,...


Financial Planners from Hell

(UPDATE 9/30/16: This article has been retroactively updated to remove identities of individuals and specific company names that have been accused of wrongdoings by the...


A Magnet for Cyber Scammers

In the past five years, Indonesia has arrested hundreds of Chinese and Taiwanese nationals for cybercrime. Why are foreign cyber criminals flocking to Indonesia and what...


Scams in the City: Love Bugs

People are still falling prey to online romance scams. An aspiring lawyer and a wealthy socialite are among the latest victims. The voice was feminine, alluring and...

Pokémon GO adventure Jakarta

Pokémon NO?

Love it or hate it, Pokémon GO’s augmented reality is the future of gaming. It’s also a magnet for scammers. “Have you got Pokémon GO on your phone?” a...


Meet James Ofili

James Ofili*, a textiles trader from Nigeria, discusses corruption, drugs and discrimination. Why do so many Nigerians come to Indonesia? Why not? Nigeria is the most...


The Missionaries: Meet the Mormons

Imagine travelling halfway across the world at your own expense for a religious calling. A handful of Indonesians are doing just that to join the Islamic State, while a...

Criminals are donning police apparel to commit theft and extortion

Scams in the City: Fashion Police

Indonesian police are seeking to improve their image by wearing navy blue shirts emblazoned with the slogan Turn Back Crime. Criminals are donning the same apparel to...


Scams in the City: Don’t Lose Your Goat

Sometimes it’s just not worth reporting a crime in Indonesia. A few weeks ago, I was robbed on a Jakarta bus. A pickpocket deftly removed my Samsung smartphone from my...

googsosmedphotos CMYK

No Google Award, Just a Rape Ad

Police in Lampung province have been left with egg on their faces after announcing they were to receive an award from Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in...


Scams in the City: Car Trouble

Buying a car online or ‘winning’ one as a prize can be risky business in Indonesia, but even more risky is renting a hire car to a purported celebrity. A failed...


Hypochondriacs & Hypocrites

What to do if you face trial or jail in Indonesia but you’re too big a coward to take responsibility for your actions? Feign illness, of course. Errant Indonesian...