Kenneth Yeung

Kenneth Yeung is a Jakarta-based editor.

This is an Ex-Tortoise & Other Abused Animals

This is an Ex-Tortoise & Other Abused Animals

Indonesian internet forums trading in exotic fauna are rife with complaints from people who feel scammed because the creatures they ordered have not matched...

The cashier in a supermarket

Small Change, Big Scam

In recent months I have been repeatedly short-changed at minimarts, mostly at Indomaret, which started business in 1988 and now has over 8,000 outlets across the...

ATM Transfer Traps

ATM Transfer Traps

For some smooth-talking confidence artists, there’s no simpler way to make money than telephoning someone and tricking them into transferring the contents of their...

Not So Real Estate

Not-So-Real Estate

Renting a house, apartment or holiday accommodation can become a nightmare if you fall victim to a real estate scam. Most commonly, scammers pose as owners of property,...

Jakarta's Bucket List

Jakarta’s Bucket List

We all know about Monas, cheap electronics, Kota Tua’s museums, the Highland Gathering and cycling down Sudirman on a Sunday morning, so to celebrate Jakarta Expat’s...

Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah

Glittering Sharia Pyramids

Julisar, a Jakarta-based Chinese Indonesian businesswoman, thought she was onto a winner when a friend invited her to invest $100,100 in Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah...

Grace Clapham

Meet Grace Clapham

Meet Grace Clapham, a woman who is inspiring and advising women entrepreneurs in Indonesia and across the Asia-Pacific.   You were born in Indonesia. Tell us about...

Scams In The City - Degrees of Deception

Scams In The City: Degrees of Deception

Regulations on qualifications for expatriate English instructors have been tightened over the past decade, so some teachers are resorting to buying fake university...


Can’t Eat, Busy Begging

It’s that time of year again, when beggars converge on Jakarta to make money during the fasting month of Ramadhan. Before going any further, I should emphasize that...

Julia's Jihad

Reclaiming the Jihad

“If you don’t like it here, then why don’t you go back to your own country?” Those are words that, I’m not proud to admit, I have said on a couple of occasions...

Motley Crue - Jakarta

Scams In The City: Fake Concert Tickets, Please.

Jakarta is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international music acts. And for every big concert, scammers are ready to swindle money from unwary fans,...

Jez O'Hare

Meet Jez O’Hare

Meet Jez O’Hare, the adventurous aerial photographer, whose work you’ve probably already seen in books and magazines.   You were born in England. When did you...


Feasting With Panthers

An Englishman living in Jakarta, never a fan of intimate female companionship, made the mistake of accepting an offer from a pimp to introduce him to friendly, young...

John Falch

Meet John Falch

John Falch, better known as Uncle JC. After years of radio and TV stardom here, he has written a book and is now calling quits on Jakarta. Tell us about yourself. I am a...






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