Kenneth Yeung

Kenneth Yeung is a Jakarta-based editor.

Confiscated Local Miras

Dying For a Drink

The Indonesian government claims that its high taxes on alcoholic beverages discourage heavy drinking but the reality is that many people are turning to illicitly...


Bye Bye Bunnies, Enter the Dragons

As the Year of the Rabbit nears an end, hundreds of expatriates in Jakarta’s Chinatown are preparing to return home for a month-long holiday. Most are young women...


Deck the Malls

Criticising Jakarta’s shopping malls for their ostentatious Christmas displays is too easy. We can feel sickened by the crass commercialisation of religious holidays...

119. Kaarspellers: A photograph taken by Jean Demmeni showing gambling in central Java (circa 1911) - courtesy of Bartele Gallery

Uneasy Money

Gambling, like prostitution and corruption, is an age-old vice that is part of Indonesia’s culture. Despite being criminalized in the 1970s, the gaming industry is...