Kate Paradis

Your Next Trip: Flores

The island of Flores, home of the extraordinary Komodo National Park, has much to offer and is worth taking some time to explore. It is situated in the East Nusa...

Fast Fashion: Trendy Clothing Items at Low Prices – the Scourge of Humanity?

Twenty years ago, we valued the household items that we worked hard to afford.  Before the current instant-gratification-obsessed “disposable era”, we actually...

Komunal 88 – Sustainability is Good for Business

According to a University of Georgia study of 192 countries, Indonesia ranked second in the world for mismanaged plastic waste, following China. According to the study,...

Jakarta After Dark

Jakarta is city of stark juxtapositions at every turn. The heralding mosques suggest a conservative lifestyle, but this is contrasted by Jakarta’s vibrant nightlife...

An Alternative, Intriguing Speakeasy Conjuring up Custom Cocktails

Lola is a dark Cuban-meets-South American gem of a bar tucked away under Fujin Japanese restaurant in Jl. Gunawarman.  It pays homage to the prohibition era with its...

Staying Fit In The City

Despite Jakarta’s bustling and chaotic nature, too many residents lead a sedentary lifestyle. It’s time to move and get healthy, Jakarta!  Indonesia Expat...






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