Karen Davis

Karen Davis is a NYC artist and writer.

Tania Lonker

Meet Tania Lonker. A down-to-earth leader in the natural building and sustainable living movement of Bali.   How did Lumbung Damuh, your natural homestay, come into...

John Marciano

John Marciano

Meet John Marciano, founder of the Republic of Soap – a holistic approach to creating products reminiscent of a bygone era, made by hand in small batches, with...

Pablo Gentile

Meet Pablo Gentile. A gutsy American artist who moved to Bali in the 80s to breathe art and live within this island’s culture. You are known as being one of the...

Paul Ropp

Paul Ropp

Meet Paul Ropp. The  visionary, the renaissance man and the revolutionary designer. Paul Ropp, you were a major figure in the 60’s movement. The first time I saw you...

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2012: International Poetry Slam!

In Quantum mechanics, water forms nice shapes for nice words and bad shapes for bad words. Our thoughts shape the world and our words can change the world. “All we are...

Regina Shultz Boysen

Regina Shultz Boysen

Meet Regina Shultz Boysen. The creative force behind Bali’s first spa. We have been friends for over 30 years and both of us are the daughters of Diplomats. How did...






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