Jeff Hutton

Jeff moved to Jakarta earlier this year after stints as a business reporter in Tokyo and Sydney. After more than a decade in newsrooms, he turned to freelance writing specializing on infrastructure, sustainable development and finance. Follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffreyhutton

Expats Look to Yogyakarta, Air Show Takes Off in April

Yogyakarta will hold its 12th Annual Air Show, highlighting the area’s attractions but also an old airport that grounds its tourism.

Indonesian Prisoners Display Handicrafts in Bid for Rehabilitation

Despite Indonesia’s enthusiasm for the death penalty over rehab, a Jakarta expo will feature handicrafts from prisoners honing skills before their release.


Ministry of Transportation: Bombs Are No Laughing Matter

After a string of hoaxes caused delays, Indonesia introduced rules allowing airlines and passengers to sue fellow travellers who claim to have a bombs.

E-KTP: One Identification Card, Big-time Corruption

Back in October, Fikrul Hanif, a history professor at a teacher’s college in Padang, West Sumatra, trudged to his local district office to renew his resident ID. He...

The Government’s Ban on Gay Hookup Sites

With a newly minted degree in business administration and a year of Mandarin study under his belt, Wandi, 24, was ready for a challenge. And so, last September he took a...

What Will Donald Trump’s Presidency Mean for Indonesia’s Economy?

Awkward. That may best describe Indonesian policymakers’ response to Donald Trump’s election as 45th president of the United States last week. While President Joko...

International Schools in Limbo as Talks on New Rules Stall

Back in November last year, Tim Carr, the Head of School at Jakarta International School (JIS), joined principals from the capital’s other storied institutions to...

Jokowi-The importance of being there

Joko Widodo and the Importance of Being There

With a reputation for hands on leadership, in less than a decade Joko Widodo has risen to become Indonesia’s most popular politician with political capital by the...

Study Indonesian in Jakarta

Want to Study Indonesian in Jakarta? Few Schools Here May Make the Grade

Finding quality Indonesian classes is surprisingly tough in the nation’s capital. And as interest grows it may get tougher. Back in 2006, when he was teaching English...

The New Fight Clubs

The New Fight Clubs

Getting your kicks from martial arts has never been easier as a wave of specialized gyms woo members seeking something a little different.   At Arena Mixed Martial...

Taman Menteng

Hidden Gems

A public awareness campaign uncovers Jakarta’s few suitable but forgotten parks, whetting local appetites for green spaces they can use. When Samsuri moved into...