Hans Rooseboom

Hans Rooseboom is a long term resident of Jakarta. He has visited nearly all of Indonesia's provinces and worked for many years in Ambon, Aceh, Manado and a number of smaller and larger towns on Java. He now enjoys a leisurely life, playing tennis most mornings and writing his blogs and other articles.

A hadji from the Dutch East Indies

Islam in the Netherlands East Indies

Islam came to Indonesia by way of Malabar and Coromandel, the respectively south-western and south-eastern coasts of India, along the age-old trade routes. Both regions...

Batavia - 1627

How the Other Half Lived – Batavia in the 18th Century

Founded in 1619 on the smouldering remains of Jacatra, Batavia was meant to function as a depot for the produce destined for Holland and as the administrative centre of...

Modern Slavery

She was promised a well paying job as a waitress-receptionist in Batam. The establishment, although Chinese-owned, was fully halal, so, no need to worry. A few weeks...

Lithography of the Pieter Erberveld Memorial by Josias Cornelis Rappard - 1888

The Sad Story of Pieter Erberveld

There are a number of versions to this story. Depending on the narrator, the good people of Batavia were saved from a horrendous fate, or the matrix, the super system if...

Traffic congestioneven for TransJakarta busses in their special lane

Traffic Sense: The Right-Turn Phobia

Have you been frustrated lately sitting in your car and not moving? I’m sure you have as these endless traffic jams are getting worse by the day. And a real...

Museum Fatahillah

Indonesian Heritage Society

Located on the 17th floor of Sentral Senayan 1, a square office tower next to the Sogo side of Plaza Senayan, this rather dull and uninteresting building does not do...

Giant Legetan

Health Issues of the Past in the Present?

I remember friends and family with small children regularly consulting their well worn copy of Baby and Child Care by Dr Benjamin Spock, first published in 1946 and...

Colonies – Dutch East Indies vs. British India

Examining a map of the world, preferably a globe, one cannot but wonder how a few nations, occupying but a tiny fraction of the world, were able to colonise the rest of...

Thomas Stamford Raffles

Thomas Stamford Raffles and The History of Java

If I were to ask you, who Stamford Raffles was, you would most likely answer: the founder of Singapore. In fact, I have asked this question on several occasions and...

Wedding Ceremony in Buleleng-1939

Marriage Curstoms-Balinese Elopement

I was browsing my Encyclopaedie van Nederlandsch Indië, not looking for anything specific as I was curious who or what would appear as the first entry. Aa, Abraham...

A Ghost In The Backyard

It used to be a house in Menteng but had been converted to an office. In many instances, the old houses had been torn down and replaced by multi-story utility buildings....

JAKARTA – from Health Hazard to Traffic Jams

Batavia, as Jakarta was called during the colonial days, was once styled the “Queen of the East”. This label was lost in the early years of the 19th century...

BALI–Before The Tourists Invaded

Traders-colonisers from the coast of Coromandel brought Hinduism to Java. The religion was adopted by the Majapahit kingdom in the eastern part of the island. Bali was a...






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