Gabriella Panjaitan

Gabriella is Indonesia Expat's Editorial Assistant. She enjoys music and laughing. Do not take her to the aquarium! Contact her at

Dua Tangan Cukup: Actions from Across the Archipelago

It’s invigorating to discover that more school communities are getting to the business end of the environmental cause. Let’s start with the name: Roots & Shoots;...

Kita Bisa: A Collective Effort to Move Mountains

One of the things standing in the way between an idea and its realization is resources. As a nation, Indonesia has an impressive range of resources, be it natural,...

MTE Richard Daguise, the French CEO of Mesa Hotels & Resorts

Where are you originally from? Why the move to Indonesia? Am originally from France. After several years spent in London following my degree in France, I decided, for...

Dua Tangan Cukup: Actions from Across the Archipelago

Bersih Nyok! is educating the masses and changing mindsets Bersih Nyok! is a familiar name when it comes to environmental responsibilities in Jakarta. In December 2013,...

Henry Lucman, Director of Dr. Gadget

In this issue of Indonesia Expat, we took interest in the technology sector and conversed with Henry Lucman, director and co-owner of a startup technology reparation...

Selamat Pagi Malam Poster

Selamat Pagi, Malam: Good Morning, Night

Jakarta is so much more than meets the eye. Behind all the night lights and afternoon smoke of pollution and crowds bustling, there is a different face of Jakarta. It...

Simens family with Grandpa Simens

Meet Julia Simens

Meet Julia Simens, an international relocation consultant with years of experience under her belt. She helps global families transition to new environments and new...

Desi Rahayu

OneFC’s First Female Indonesian MMA Fighter

Desi Rahayu, a 164cm tall Indonesian athlete competed at the prestigious OneFC Era of Champions tournament on 14 June 2014 at the Mata Elang International Stadium,...

Jan Oudeman

Jan Oudeman, Founder & CEO at Grivy

Meet Jan Oudeman, an adventurous techie and founder of Hello, Jan! Let’s start with where you are from? I am Dutch and decided to move to the Far East to get...

Keyaki Restaurant

Keyaki’s Key is Freshness!

Japanese cuisine is no doubt an acquired taste to some. In Jakarta, Japanese food has often been ‘watered down’ to more casual joints, with modified flavours and...

Audrey Soraya

Meet Audrey Soraya Rodriguez Rincon

Meet Audrey Soraya Rodriguez Rincon, a beautiful mother of two with more than 20 years of experience in the healthy lifestyle world. This health coach is new to Jakarta...

Meet The Expat - Mike Shipton

Meet Mike Shipton

Meet Mike Shipton. A South African expat with a high-pressure, demanding job, Mike is an exceptionally cheerful guy with a positive outlook on life. Mike loves his job...

Riva Terrace

The Rebirth of Riva

Jakarta, with its endless surplus of restaurants, is not without a nostalgic element; many people keep coming back to restaurants they are familiar with. Regardless of...

Meet Karan Berry

Karan Berry, General Manager of JW Marriott Jakarta

Karan is very passionate about his work and is a senior hospitality professional. He is well-versed with all operations and functions related to hotel management, with...






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