Enricko Lukman

Enricko Lukman is a Chinese-Indonesian journalist and former chief editor of Tech in Asia Indonesia. He covers a wide range of issues related to business, startups, education, and investments in Southeast Asia

5 Foreign Tech Players to Meet This Week

Here are five interesting foreigners that you might want to bump into if you’re going to Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016.


Asia’s Biggest Tech Event Invades Jakarta

Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 invited international entrepreneurs and investors to Balai Kartini on November 16 and 17, followed by a night of drinks and networking.

Government Hopes More Foreign Students Will Study at Indonesian Universities

While education quality remains a problem in Indonesia, the government just made it easier for foreign students to enrol in local universities. In January, the...

5 tech Start-ups Looking to Capitalise on Indonesia’s Education Industry

With the power of the Internet, these start-ups are looking to impact Indonesian academia and change the way people approach learning in the archipelago. Indonesia’s...

An Investor’s Guide to Indonesia: Navigating Corruption

 Indonesia’s long-standing practice of bribery has lingered over the decades. It is a serious problem; one which truly hampers business and investments. Indonesia is...

Is Chinese Business a Key Pillar for Indonesia’s Economy?  

Although China planned to invest $18.4 billion in Indonesia in the last five years, its investment hasn’t been as significant as its trading activities with the...