Donny Syofyan

Donny Syofyan is a lecturer at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences at Andalas University. Despite majoring in English literature, his interests are wide and varied. He is a regular writer for The Jakarta Post and Republika. Feel free to contact him at

The Great Wall of Indonesia

It’s not anywhere near the length of the one in China, but Indonesia does have its own “Great Wall.” It is located between Agam and Bukittinggi in West Sumatra,...

Roehana Koeddoes: A Heroine of Education and Journalism

In Indonesia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 22 December. Although it is neither a major celebration nor part of the nation’s culture, many consider this occasion...

Tabuik: the Waterfront Cultural Festival of Pariaman

Pariaman is a small town on the western coast of West Sumatra of only 73.36 square kilometres. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the town has seen no more...

Researching Indonesian Jews

Conducting research on unpopular ideas and marginalized people is not an easy task in this country. This is particularly true as they are regarded as a common enemy...

Nasi Padang: Indonesia’s Most Wanted Food

It is public knowledge that Nasi Padang (literally translates to Padang rice, but meaning Padang food) has become the country’s most famous contribution to Indonesian...

Fitriyanti Dahlia: Specializing in Biography

Writing a biography is very challenging. Not only does it include issues of access and information—length and depth—but it also risks exaggerating a subject’s...

King Balun Palace

South Solok: a Place with One Thousand Rumah Gadang

South Solok, located along mountain ranges of Sumatra, has a cool climate. While taking a trip from Padang city to this area, travellers will enjoy the beautiful...

Children learning English

Global Village: An English School without Walls

Bukik Batabuah, Agam regency in West Sumatra. is blessed with beautiful rice terraces and cool air. The road along the village turns into a place of learning English by...

Mainstreaming Disability Rights

During the last decade, Indonesia has experienced steady progress in an increase in per capita income and in poverty elimination. However, the country faces challenges...


Understanding the word ‘Bule’

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia or KBBI (The Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language), bule is a word used for foreigners who come to Indonesia heedless of...

MRT: The Key to Reducing Jakarta’s Chronic Congestion

Starting October 10, 2013, the first phase of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), a monorail-based transportation system, began works in Dukuh Atas, across Sudirman Station.






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