Daniel Pope

Daniel Pope is a part-time hedonist, residing mostly in Jakarta, where he still finds everything a bit of a rum do.

Getting to the Other Side

The safest time to cross the street in Jakarta can be when the city is at maximum danger level, as Daniel Pope explains. Most roads in Jakarta are so horrendously...

Water, Water Everywhere

A weekend getaway to the Thousand Islands brings these seafaring friends more than they bargained for. No other start to the day can compare with waking up at dawn on a...

For Whom the Beer Froths

Had you needed to take refuge from a local war a decade ago when the city’s foreigner hang-outs were livelier than they are today, Jakarta’s infamous...

Love Thy Neighbours

Indonesians are among the friendliest people on the planet, keen to avoid confrontation at all costs. Just don’t ever give them a good reason to form an angry mob on...

The Big Drink

It was breaking point for Jakarta. Days of torrential rain and years of incompetent urban planning were about to exact a terrible toll upon the city. Daniel Pope recalls...

Bird In Cage

The Big Noise

Jakarta is not the ideal domicile for a person fond of peace and quiet. It is packed with roaring vehicles, policemen blowing whistles, parking attendants who spring up...

Playing With Fire

Playing with Fire

The swiftest punch in the face I’ve ever received came from a dense fist of tobacco smoke. I was in a cafe when a stranger sitting next to me lit his cigarette and...

PT.Kereta Api train

Trains, Planes and Other Perils

As a lifelong train enthusiast, I felt a great sense of achievement upon making the journey across Java by all three classes of train operated by Indonesia’s...

Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

English teacher Daniel Pope recalls his 1997 nightmare journey from Bintan to Jakarta - It began with a motorcycle accident. I lost control of my rented bike while...






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