Caranissa Djatmiko

Caranissa is an editor at Indonesia Expat. She occassionally writes, dances and performs on stage.


Singin’ in the Rain: Ikatan Sindroma Down Indonesia Makes Waves with Gigi Art of Dance

Gigi Art of Dance recognizes how dance belongs to anyone, without exception to those with disabilities. The dance school welcomes students with Down syndrome to show...

Children of trash pickers

XS Project: Going Against the Odds to Save Trash Pickers

Aiming to break the generational cycle of trash pickers, XS Project creates and sells products made out of waste materials. Despite serious obstacles, their priority...


Imploring for Palliative Care, the Chance to a Fulfilling Life

As a paediatric palliative care service, Rachel House treats poor children diagnosed with cancer and HIV in Jakarta. They are currently working on a campaign called the...

Education Guide 2017

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