Caranissa Djatmiko

Caranissa is an editor at Indonesia Expat. She occassionally writes, dances and performs on stage.


The Other Side of Ramadan: What Non-Muslims Make of the Islamic Holy Month

With around 87 percent of local Islamic residents celebrating Ramadan every year, others have no choice but to show respect. But what is it really like for non-Muslims...


Is Facebook Opening Up A Domestic Unit in Indonesia?

The government has reportedly given Facebook Inc the green light to set up a domestic unit in Indonesia, the world’s fourth-largest user base for the social networking...


Indonesia’s Hopes and Struggles in the Economic Landscape, According to Oxford Business Group’s Federica Petrilli

In the wake of the trade protectionism takeover, collapsing commodity prices and other pressing economic issues, it is important to locate Indonesia’s position in the...


Indonesia and Google Reach Tax Settlement

Tech giant Google has agreed to pay taxes, Indonesia’s Finance Minister has announced. Does this mean for the month-long dispute between the country and Google is...

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Indonesia’s Kampung Pelangi: From Slum Transformation to Creative Sustainability

The government’s decision to invest Rp.300 million (about US$29,000) on Kampung Pelangi’s slum makeover in South Semarang shows its dedication to achieve a...

Kenneth Rogers

Kenneth Rogers: What It’s Like to Manage Luxury Residences in Two Countries

In order to survive in the highly competitive hospitality sector, one must not only understand the importance of product differentiation but also learn how to provide...

Bu Noni Blazer songket

Meet Noni Purnomo: The Woman Behind Blue Bird’s Wheel

Blue Bird is more than just an iconic taxi company. The inspiring story of how one woman has managed the family company since 1972 will blow your mind.


Women’s Ever Changing and Ever Vital Role in Society

Women have long taken part in humanity’s long road of evolution, but only now are they acknowledged for the critical role they play in shaping society. Now it is...


Inside Bali’s Most Celebrated Cultural Festivals with Janet DeNeefe

The founder of Ubud Food Festival and Ubud Writers and Readers Festival reveals what it takes to run an international cultural festival on the island of gods.  It is...


Fighting Religious Intolerance with ‘Punk Muslim’

A new generation of Indonesian Punk Muslims might give conservatives a slap in the face, but some think they are exactly what the nation needs right now. Recently,...


88Spares: Taking Indonesia’s Textile Industry by Storm

Indonesia’s first B2B e-marketplace for industrial machine spare parts aims to broaden the horizons of the nation’s textile and garment industry. Caranissa Djatmiko...


10 Great Places for Brunch on Easter Sunday

Here are ten great hotels for you and your family to enjoy Easter meals and celebrate the rest of the Holy weekend. Jakarta and Bandung may pride themselves on their...


Is Indonesia Really Free from a Food Crisis?

The United Nations (UN) recently claimed that the world is facing its worst humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II. As over 20 million people in four...

Super Loco

How Mexican Joints Can Survive in Jakarta’s Culinary Scene

Caranissa Djatmiko sits down with Christian Tan, owner and founder of Super Loco, to find out what it takes to run a Mexican restaurant in the capital city. Mexican...

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