Bartele Santema

Bartele has a wide range of businesses, most notably a number of bars and restaurants under the wing of the Bugils Group. His best-seller “Bule Gila” is a must-read for any expat in Indonesia. He also owns Bartele Gallery - a rare maps and antiques gallery in Kemang.

A Bottle of Wine and a Playroom

In Eastern Promise (EP) we now have a playroom for kids. During recent trips to New Zealand and Australia I noticed a lot of pubs and restaurant that have this facility,...

Just Take it Easy

We expatriates must admire the Indonesian ability to put things in perspective and to talk things down because it could have been so much worse. Just recently a friend...

Gunung Tumpang

A Million Dollar Treasure in West-Java

The kids in the kampong peeked from behind broken windows. It was a poor kampong and a lot of the houses were made of just rotan and bamboo. I was lucky to have a...






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