Ani Suswantoro

Bena and Tololela – Preserving tradition in Flores

Flores Island in East Nusa Tenggara Province is a combination of sea and forested mountains with meandering highways cutting the island from west to east, and is home to...

What the Temples of Indonesia Tell Us

We live in a vast archipelago nation alongside 129 active volcanoes. Traditional wooden houses in this region have withstood the many massive earthquakes and tremors...

Indonesia’s old manuscripts are waiting to be deciphered

Mehamat Boru Karo Sekalu, a lady working in North Sumatra Museum reads an ancient book written in Batak letters, eloquently. The visitors of Nusantara Old Manuscripts...

Borobudur Reliefs Tell Wise Tales

Borobudur Temple was built in the eighth century and has more than 2,670 reliefs. Each set of reliefs tells a wise tale that portrayed the beauty yet obliviousness of...

Roads in Mesuji: Driving or Mud Skiing?

The distance from Jakarta to Mesuji in the Lampung Province of Sumatra is a little more than 400 km away. Last month, I paid a visit to my relative for a family...

Cangkuang, West Java’s Small and Mystical Hindu Temple

Discovering one of the few Hindu-Buddhist relics ever to be discovered in West Java. One Tuesday morning, a gang of youngsters got on a raft to cross a lake and visit a...






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