Alice Jay

When she isn't travelling around Asia, Alice enjoys spending time with her golden retriever, Gerard.

Compostable bag made from cassava starch

Indonesia’s Solution to the Plastic Epidemic

How ironic it is to know that the disposable, non-degradable plastic products, such as rain ponchos, straws and cutlery, which we usually use for only around 30 minutes,...


A Raw Food Religion in Bali

Living and raw food diets, juice cleansing programmes and detox retreats are gaining popularity not just in Ubud – where the “Eat, Pray, Love” phenomenon...

An image taken from a drone shows Kerta Buana village surrounded by a coal mine owned by Banpu Public Company Ltd group in Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan.
Greenpeace released an investigative report that shows how coal mining activities in East Kalimantan are destroying landscapes and polluting the water in the surrounding areas.

Government Contradicts Commitment to Renewable Energy

Earlier this year, the government announced its plan to develop new and renewable energy sources, which would help electrify Indonesia’s rural areas as part of the...

Greenpeace app

Greenpeace Indonesia Launches App to Fight Forest Fires

Forest fires have been an annual issue in Indonesia for almost two decades, with the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra hit particularly hard. According to reports cited...

Caged civet 2

The Terrible Truth behind Your Cup of Cat Poo Coffee

In Bali, the high demand for luwak coffee has created a ruthless industry built on immense animal suffering and an inferior product. Kopi luwak, or coffee produced from...

Photo credit British Council Feri Latief (3)

Nyambu Holds the Secret to Sustainable Tourism in Bali

As an ever-increasing amount of Bali’s farmland is being converted into hotels, resorts and other tourism-related infrastructure, one project is taking a more...

The kitchen area at River House. Photo by Rio Helmi

Beautifully Bamboo

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind,” the martial artist and actor Bruce Lee once...

Hubud courtesy of Carol da Riva

Bali’s Co-working Spaces

Those ready to abandon their uninspiring home or hotel desks for greener pastures will be happy to know that Bali now offers numerous co-working spaces with access to...

Exiles Warsito, Sarkawi, Nardan, Tom Iljas at a cemetery in Stockholm.

Saudara Dalam Sejarah: Exposing the Story of Indonesia’s Forgotten Exiles

In the 1960s, Sukarno sent thousands of students to study abroad, including in China. After the 1965 anti-communist massacre, in which over 500,000 Indonesians were...

Anak Unik

Educating Bali’s Unique Children: Sukacita Foundation

By raising awareness about intellectual disability, the Sukacita Foundation gives Bali’s ‘unique children’ a chance to thrive. Children with cognitive delays can...

Photo Courtesy of Paul Hilton

Dying to Entertain

Despite research that shows dolphins to be highly sensitive and intelligent, numerous facilities in Bali continue to hold the cetaceans captive for commercial gain. With...

Bambu Indah - Afrika Deck Sunset View

We Are What We Eat: Bali’s Slow Food Movement

A number of restaurants on the island of Bali are choosing to take their time to support local producers. In an age of mass production and fast food, finding...


The Rhythm of People Power

An environmental movement against the planned reclamation of water and mangroves for large-scale development in Benoa Bay is uniting conservationists, musicians and...

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